Season Ends in Black and White

I did it!  I just finished a successful wedding season designing and planning weddings at Cross Creek Ranch. It was a busy one.  Check out the newly updated “Wedding Pictures” tab to see all the weddings I have done.  The last wedding was Saturday and it was as pretty as can be in black and white:

I’m looking forward to the summer with a little down time to catch up, spend time with my loved ones, travel, and work on some interesting projects.  Without the weddings to focus on, I’ll be back to my food blogging and getting back to a more healthy lifestyle.  I didn’t totally blow it this season.  I managed to workout 2 to 3 times a week, but I probably indulged a little more than I should have.  I’m planning to get back to exercising 4-5 times per week and back to eating every 3 hours.  That seems to do the trick in making me feel my best.

I’ll also keep you up to date on my travels and culinary adventures as well as wedding tips and ideas, and of course my niece and nephew, and my boyfriend (there will be some exciting new adventures in that department as well 😉 )  I’m looking forward to blogging more frequently and having the best summer of my life.

I started my summer out on the right foot with a day at the beach with my family:

Stay tuned for more fun times:)

Mother’s Day Brunch

Today was Mother’s Day, and I got to spend it with 2 wonderful moms and the man I hope to make me a mom someday.  Oops, can I say that on here?  Well I just did 🙂  We had my wonderful mom, and my sister with her twins  over for brunch and swimming.  We had fun but it went too fast.  I wish I could spend more days with them.

For brunch:

Fruit with fruit dip from Iowa Girl, veggies and dip, cinnamon rolls from La Segunda Bakery, and sausage, broccoli egg muffins from Snacking in The Kitchen, all delicious.  The cinnamon rolls were my favorite, should have gotten more.

We had fun swimming:

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the family, but I was so busy enjoying them.

Speaking of busy.  Our busy wedding season is winding down.  We had our second to last wedding on Saturday, and it was perfect.

I loved it!!!!

After the set up, I cleaned and prepped for my Mother’s Day Brunch and it was so late by the time I was done, we did the unthinkable.  We had the KFC:

So bad but oh so good.  Some times, you just need the Colonel.

Another busy week coming planning more beautiful weddings.  Have a great week 🙂