Memorial Day Weekend in Naples

Happy Memorial Day.  A big thanks to David and Hilda for letting us stay at their pad in Naples! I had THE BEST TIME.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I was that relaxed. We started our little vaca late Saturday morning and headed down south. My grumbling belly required a pit stop on the way.  The Pizza Hut buffet called our name, only to find out that the buffet is only M-F.  I’m sure this was a blessing in disguise. Instead of all you can eat pizza, we ordered the salad bar and split the chicken supreme personal pan pizza:

Shortly after we arrived, we set out to my main reason for the Naples trip…Trader Joes baby!

Love that store! After we unloaded our Trader Joe goodies, we got down to business.  Relaxation and nap time:

After nap time, it was feeding time. We headed out to Big Hickory Seafood Grille.  It was really busy, we decided to stay for the 30 minute wait and ordered a glass of wine and sat by the water:

The skies darkened and it started to rain.  Since half the tables are outside, we knew our 30 minute wait would be much much longer, so we vowed to come back for lunch to this popular spot and try our dinner chances elsewhere. We ended up at Pinchers Crab Shack.  I happily ordered the crab legs (one of my favorite treats):

After dinner it was pretty late, but never too late for ice cream. We drove by Royal Scoop, and the thought of homemade ice cream lured me in.

The chocolate chip ice cream took me back to my childhood, it was just as good as my beloved Goshen Dairy. That was a sweet end to a sweet day.

Sunday started fairly early. I really wanted to sleep in as long as possible, but I could only make it until 9:00, then I rolled out of bed and had coffee and breakfast on the patio, which is screened in and facing the nature preserve.  I loved watching and hearing the birds.

Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt, granola and banana, yum! They also have a great instant coffee with the cream and sugar already mixed in.  Perfect for traveling.  Of course we could have had some fresh brewed in the Tassimo, but that would require getting coffee, sugar, creamer, and making a bit more of a mess.  Easy instant works for me.

We had a leisurely morning.  I was able to get into my new book.   Fifty Shades of Grey…oh la la! I can’t remember when I last read a book.  I usually have so much going on, I don’t sit long enough to put down my computer and read.  It was lovely!  A hot and steamy read doesn’t hurt either 😉

When we finally got going, we headed to the Flea Market.  Naples’ Flea Market is not your average Flea Market.  It is really nice. Even the eateries there are places I would actually eat at.  I ended up getting 2 amazing pendants made of  dichroic glass.  This stuff is fascinating, it was developed by NASA for the space program.  It’s colors pick up on other colors that it’s around. Mine are wrapped in sterling silver and absolutely beautiful:

After our treasure hunt at the Flea Market, we headed back to Big Hickory for lunch.  We sat outside by the water and I enjoyed a Florida Cobb salad, minus bacon:

Honey got the crab cake sandwich:

After the delicious lunch, we found a great beach spot across the street:

A man asked Matt to help launch his kite.  Not any old kite, but a kite surfing kite:

I officially put kite surfing on my bucket list.  It looks soooo fun!

We collected some shells, swam in the ocean and made some great memories!

After the beach we went back to the pad, showered and relaxed. Nap for honey, juicy book for me.

Dinner was a special treat at USS Nemo.  We had an occasion to celebrate.  Matt got a promotion!! Congratulations honey!!!!!

To start, they brought out bread with an unusual assortment of  tidbits…Kimchi, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, and hummus.

I talked sweet man into trying mussels for the first time:

I think he liked them, we put a big dent in this giant bowl.

For dinner, I got the filet and scallop with mashed potatoes, and fried asparagus:

Eyes rolling in my head good!!!!

No room for dessert Sunday night.  I promptly passed out on the couch in a food coma.

I woke up around 8:45 again this morning, well rested.  I was able to actually stay in bed and relax for a half hour. Amazing!!! Usually, I pop up and am being a busy body right away.  When I finally did roll out of bed, I made a repeat breakfast from yesterday.

Another leisurely morning before getting in some fun and exercise on the bikes:

We rode for about an hour and then hit the pool for more fun exercise.  After a few races and laps, I found my ultimate relaxation.  I love to float:


A little more fun before vacation ends:

So Much Fun!!!

After our swim, we showered, cleaned up, and packed up and hit the road. One last Naples meal at Mel’s Diner. I was amazed at how delicious my salmon blt was:

And for dessert, I was intrigued by their “world’s smallest ice cream sundae”:

It was small, but not tiny, the perfect size actually.

This was the best weekend have had in a long long time, and a great way to kick off the summer season. A short work week, then the Yockey clan is coming to town for a long vacation. Hooray!!!!

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