Cinco de Mayo Weekend

It was a Cinco de Mayo themed wedding and it was absolutely beautiful:

Our “new” old window.

The Mexican bunting flags were gorgeous, but being made of tissue paper didn’t hold up to well with the light wind.

The fresh flowers were AMAZING!!!! I thought they were perfection. Loved everything about them!!!

A pinata.

I continued the celebration at one of Matt and my favorite Mexican restaurants Sabor a Mexico. I got the carne asada and ate waaaaaaaaay too much:

I promptly fell into a deep food coma that lasted until this morning.

I felt refreshed and tried to sleep in late, but my eyes popped open at 8:00. I was able to clean and do 2 loads of laundry before honey rolled out of bed. Then we enjoyed yummy yogurt parfaits:

Then we headed to Keel and Curley Winery for the blueberry festival. It was packed! Parking was $5.00, but admission was free. They had several local artisan vendors, live music, wine tastings, and should have had U Pick blueberries, but they were all picked yesterday 😦 We still had a blast. We did the wine tasting.

For $5.00 you get to taste 11 wines. They were out of the dessert wine, but the nice lady ended up giving me a full glass of my favorite. All because I simply asked.

Then we sat on the patio and enjoyed some live music:

We got our picture taken in the vineyard:

We sampled some sauces:

We ended up taking home a bbq sauce and horseradish mustard hot sauce.

I really wanted a sample of the ribs. They were selling them 3 for $6.00, but I just wanted one. It doesn’t hurt to ask, so I did, and she gave me one, no charge, SCORE! One of the best ribs I’ve ever had:

Matt also bought me orange blossom perfume. Orange blossom is one of my favorite smells in the world!! Thanks honey!

After we got our fill of wine and samples, we headed back to my place to cool off in the a/c for a bit. It was warm out there!

Dinner was a great find! Cappy’s for amazing pizza! The restaurant had a great vibe with menus on the back of old album covers:

They had trivia pursuit cards on the tables. A fun way to wait for your food! The salad came first:

Great fresh salad.

Then the pizza.

This was the best pizza I have had in Florida. The crust was crisp and chewy and delicious. I loved it!

I also loved my Menchis yogurt afterwards:

Peanut butter and cookies and cream yogurt with butterfingers peanut butter cups and reeses pieces. Holy yum!

I’m currently in another food coma. It was a wonderful weekend!!!

One thought on “Cinco de Mayo Weekend

  1. I seriously think this was one of my favorite weddings this season. I love it all! I’ve heard of Cappy’s but haven’t been; I may need to go once I am eating pizza again!

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