The Ring Surprise


I’m midway through the last 3 wedding weekend of the spring 2012 season at Cross Creek Ranch. It is amazing how time flies. I really do enjoy doing the wedding set ups. My favorite part is when the bride gets there and sees everything. Today she squealed and gave me a big hug and huge smiles. It is the best part of my job!

Love the card house:

Custom made cornhole.

I absolutely love this idea. The bride took 2 photos, one wearing her mom’s wedding dress, one wearing his. Both dresses are so beautiful and fit the vintage theme perfectly:

And the candy area turned out wonderful:

Dinner was at a little restaurant in Brandon called Romanos. They specialize in Greek an Italian food. I got the Greek salad to start, and could have stopped there (huge portions):

Then I had the gigantic plate of spaghetti:

I only managed to put a small dent in it:

It was delicious!

After dinner, we drove around a bit and ended up in a plaza where they had a small street fair. I was drawn to the jewelry display as I always am, and the woman said it was “250” for the rings. I didn’t know what sounded more absurd, $2.50 or $250.00. It turns out they were only $2.50, so it was just silly not to buy one:

Admired while sipping a Starbucks nonfat cappuccino sitting on a bench with my sweetie. Perfect way to spend the evening!

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