Sunday Off

It’s my first Sunday off in 6 weeks and I’m having a great one. I was up and running at 8:00 and knocked out 4 glorious miles. I have done laundry, cleaned up the abode and am looking forward to a special night out to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which is next Sunday.

I did have 2 wedding set ups this weekend, one on Friday. The Greene and Brown wedding. (Literally, the bride’s last name was Greene the groom’s Brown.)

They had the prettiest cake display, but it’s on my work camera. I will update when I get it.

Check out the wall we built to disguise the neighbor’s unsightly camper:

Isn’t it cute?

Saturday’s wedding:

Dinner was Cooking Light’s Chicken Vegetable Lasagna, which was tasty, but took a looong time to prepare. I started it Friday thinking it would be Friday’s dinner, but then saw that it needed to sit in the fridge 8 to 24 hours, so Saturday’s dinner it was. I prefer faster, easier recipes, with fewer steps and less mess.

It was tasty.
Dessert was easy enough. Saltines with cream cheese and jam:

Split with sweet man of course.

Tonight we’re taking my mom to Bern’s for her birthday! I’m so excited!!!!!! 🙂

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