St. Patty Weekend Weddings

We have had 3 weddings a weekend for the past three weeks. That makes me one tired woman!

Friday’s wedding in shades of green:

Dinner at El Sabor in Brandon:

We split some veggie fajitas and tacos.

Saturday’s Wedding:

We did fresh flower centerpieces.

And beautiful mismatched china:

Seating Chart on an old window. Love it!

Cross Creek Ranch has a new baby changing station:

Isn’t it cute?

Saturday night dinner was homemade pizza thanks to Publix pizza dough:

And last but certainly not least, Sunday’s beautiful wedding in pink and green:

Sunday night dinner of homemade chicken parmesan, alfredo pasta, garlic bread, and tomatoes with basil olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.

A deliciously exhausting weekend. Good night 🙂

2 thoughts on “St. Patty Weekend Weddings

  1. The weddings look beautiful Em–I really do miss you guys and miss doing the set ups–I think about you guys a lot.

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