He is Good.

Saturdays” Wedding:

The bride came before her church ceremony to see everything set up and take pictures. She was a vision of beauty in her gown with all her girls holding it up. After she left, the groom and his best man came out:

The best sound came on while they were looking around and totally gave me goosebumps! It was perfect.

After the set up, I came home, did some chores, rested and then we went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, where they fool you into thinking you’re eating a healthy dinner:

But since I have a giant appetite and little self control at times, I totally overstuffed myself:

Yum, those peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars were awesome!

I came home and passed out in a food coma.

I did feel well rested for Sunday’s wedding:

Then I cooked a wonderful dinner enjoyed on the porch with my good man. Beautiful weather:

Pasta, garlic bread, tomatoes and basil.

It was a wonderful weekend, full of love and life. And a busy Monday today. I was back at work bright and early this morning. When I got home this afternoon, I was beat. I took an hour power nap, then made dinner:

Whiting fish (an inexpensive mild white fish), spinach with shallots, figs, in a balsamic honey glaze, and couscous with tomatoes, basil, and blue cheese. Soon I will be hitting the hay hard. G’nite.

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