Breakfast For Dinner: Dr. Seuss Style

Happy Birthday Doctor Seuss! Your my favorite kind of doctor for sure! To celebrate, Green eggs and ham of course. I didn’t want to dye my eggs green with food color, but I love all things pesto, so I mixed some in with the eggs with some basil, parsley, and spinach. For the ham part, I used the only kind sweet man will eat : prosciutto, which put an Italian twist on the meal (not quite fitting since Dr. Seuss’s ethnic roots are German). But I went with it and added some mozzarella. Served with tomatoes, basil and olive oil, and Italian 5 grain bread.

And who can have breakfast for dinner without sausage and pancakes. That’s sounds German… Perhaps?

Today was the start of the busy wedding season at Cross Creek Ranch. Beautiful in yellow black and white.

I love, love, love the favors:

Cookbooks and a spice rub. I wanted one soooo bad!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Happy Wedding Day Krista and Jay!

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