Chili Days

Sunday is kind of like my hump day. About half way through my work week. I only get one day off during the busy season, and that’s usually Wednesday. So tomorrow (Monday) is sort of like my Thursday. But Saturday and today is also still a little like a weekend because my honey is off, and waiting at my place for me to get home.

Today’s wedding set up went really fast. It was simple and beautiful:

I’m so happy for my bride. She had to reschedule this wedding because she had to have back surgery. I was so nervous for her this morning. It was raining when I went to work, then it started to get pretty chilly. But it cleared up and started warming up in the afternoon. It turned out to be a great day for a wedding.

However, I never did shake the chill of the morning. So after the set up, I came home to my honey waiting for me and I made a big pot of comforting chili for dinner, enjoyed with some multi grain Italian baguette, tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil:

A great weekend/midweek 😉

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