Garbage Chili

I have a habit of buying way more food than I need. It’s not a bad thing, I usually have a stocked fridge, freezer, and pantry to create a good meal on the spot. However, last night I worked out a budget that will have me cutting back on my grocery splurges.

I have never really done a true budget on a spreadsheet, and I was unpleasantly surprised at what I found 😦

I am coming into wedding season and more weddings mean more monies 🙂 However, we have no weddings June, July, and August, so I needed a plan to get me through that slow season. Plan is in place and it feels good, even if it means reeling in my grocery and clothes shopping habits. Yikes!

I could have easily stopped at the grocery store this afternoon after the wedding set up, but instead, I opted for “Garbage Chili”. This clean out the fridge meal did double duty, as it saved me some money and used up a bunch of food before heading to Mount Dora tomorrow after the wedding set up.

From the stockpile:

-ground turkey
-celery ends and leaves
-half a jar of salsa
-quarter jar of tomato sauce
-a can of just past expiration mixed vegetables
-half a bag of frozen corn
-can of black beans
– 2 T tomato paste
-chicken stock (about 3/4 of a box)
-brown rice


-chili powder
-garlic powder
-red pepper flakes
-s and p

Cook up turkey, onions, and celery with spices. Add tomato sauce, and cook for 1 minute, add remaining ingredients and cook until rice is done. I topped mine with cheese and nonfat sour cream.

I have made so many different versions of “garbage soup”, it’s a great way to use up virtually anything in your fridge. And it’s fun to experiment 🙂

Here’s the pictures from the gorgeous wedding today!!!!

Although I didn’t post on V Day, I have to recap what a lovely day I had. Wonderful 3 mile run, relaxing day at home, cleaned out my closets, hung with my babies, and dinner out with my love:

The boy got into the yellow marker, not bruises, I promise. I’m filled with love!

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