Clearwater 5 Miler+Emilee’s First Race=The Running Bug

I now understand why the crazy people wake up hours before sunrise on the weekend to run in an endurance race.  Racing is AWESOME!!!!

I ran my first race since junior high when I ran cross country and never thought I was very good at it.  Back then, I remember running a race and having a panic or asthma attack, I’m not sure what, but I couldn’t breath, and I dropped out of the sport all together shortly thereafter.

Today, what took my breath away was the sense of accomplishment that I was actually doing it and the beautiful sunrise views over the water in Clearwater.  I was overcome with a feeling of pride and accomplishment through the entire race that I had to hold back tears and catch my breath at times.

The night before the race.  I had a wonderful pasta dinner at La Terrazza in Ybor City:

Proscuitto appetizer:

Fettucine Bolagnese:


Race day, I started my day at 4:45 with a breakfast of Ezekiel English muffin and peanut butter and coffee and 20 ounces of water.  My sweet boyfriend who loves to sleep in was eager to wake up that early and cheer me on and be my photographer (Thanks honey):
(Me being silly)

The race started at 7:05.  I started in the back unsure of where I needed to be.

The first mile flew by in a flash, even over the incline of the Clearwater bridge.  I picked up my pace at mile 2 and felt great the entire time!  I was thirsty and wish I would have drank a little more water before the race.

At mile 3, there was a water station and at mile 4 I felt on top of the world.  Then came the incline of the Clearwater bridge again.  It was tough, but I ran the entire time. I knew the finish line was shortly over that incline.  My favorite song came on for the decline and finish and I was on cloud 9.  This song is incredible:

I crossed the finish line with the best feeling in the world!  I surprised myself by finishing with a pace of 9:19.  Now I want to sign up for a 5K ASAP and see how fast I can go.  This race running is addictive isn’t it?

After the race, we showered and headed to The Brunchery for breakfast. I loaded up on pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and homefries. yum!

After the race a nice woman from Lululemon came up to me and ask if I would like a free running shirt to try out, umm yes please!!!!
I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and is soo comfy. I think I’ll wear it for the St Pete half Marathon.

I especially love the words on the inside hem:

I spent the rest of the day relaxing while chicken tacos slow cooked in the crock pot.

-2 chicken breasts
-2 cans of Rotel tomatoes drained
-Taco seasoning. You can use a packet, but I prefer to use my own spices. I always have chili powder, coriander, cumin, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder and a little salt and pepper.

Cook until it shreds and make tacos, burritos, enchiladas, taco salads. Whatever your heart desires.

It was a great meal to end a perfect day!!!!

Beautiful January Weddings

You could not have asked for more perfect weather for this past weekend’s weddings.  It was perfection!  There is something magical about Cross Creek Ranch no matter what the weather.  I am so blessed to have a career I love surrounded by such beauty and love:

Friday’s wedding was brown and lime green with a tree theme:

Saturday’s wedding was navy, light blue, and red with a woodland natural feel.

I just love all the color combinations of the different weddings, I can’t pick a favorite.  What were your wedding colors or your future dream wedding colors?

By the way, I ran my first race today. 5 miles! Stay tuned for my race recap post 🙂