Monday’s Wedding Planning Tip

I thought it might be fun to share with you a weekly wedding planning tip. Let’s talk about cake toppers.

They come big:

They come small:

They come weird:

Or none at all:

Whichever kind you choose, you’ll want to make sure your cake baker is aware of what you’ll be using. It is helpful if they actually have the piece when they go to build your cake. Sometimes they need to add some kind of support to the top of your cake to avoid sinking.

Hope that is helpful.

After a busy wedding planning day and a trip to the grocery store on the way home. I made the quickest healthiest meal I could think of…Fish:

Seasoned with low sodium cajun seasoning, a big salad, and some microwaved then tossed with olive oil salt, pepper, and rosemary, then sautéed for a couple of minutes in a frying pan.

I cooked the tilapia on the George Foreman grill, my second favorite small appliance. First is the crock pot. It was healthy, yummy and filling. While I was at it, I made a couple more salads for lunches. Planning ahead is the key to eating healthy me thinks.

What kind of wedding planning tips would you like to know?

One thought on “Monday’s Wedding Planning Tip

  1. We had tilapia last night too, soooo good! And that cake topper advice is so true! We ran out of time to get one (since it wasn’t really thinking about it) and by the time I knew what I wanted, the baker said they;d need to make a stand for it, so we just forewent one. It was okay, but I wish I had knew/realized that sooner

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