12 Tampa Restaurants for 2012

This post is mostly for me (and for sweet man to get ideas of where to take me, so yeah all for me 😉  )  It is my 12 Tampa area restaurants that would like to try this year list.  In no particular order:

Pane Rustica Bakery Cafe

Brocato’s Sandwich Shop

The Colonnade


Ocean Prime

Ruths Chris Steakhouse


Charlie’s Steakhouse

Texas de Brazil

The Laughing Cat

Ted Peter’s Smoked Fish


There are just so many great places to eat in Tampa!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful yummy year! 🙂

And just because blog posts are so much better with pictures…Enjoy these funny ones:)

We are hungry aliens!!!!

7 thoughts on “12 Tampa Restaurants for 2012

  1. Hehe, cute pics!! I have Pane Ructica & Datz on my “list” to try as well, how funny. Charleys is ah-mazing!! Colonnade is good too and the view is nice (that’s where I took J to dinner for his bday the day he proposed :))

  2. My recommendation for The Laughing Cat–go to the lunch buffet. I have eaten there many times with Doug for lunch because it is so close to his office. It is great! They always have some kind of pasta with vodca sauce on it. Fabulous! They always have a whole salmon on the buffet. Very upscale. Never had dinner there which I sure is fab. Do lunch first to try lots of different stuff. Happy eating!

  3. I was just down in Tampa visiting friends last weekend! We ran the St. Pete Beach Classic 5k and then went to Datz for our post-race breakfast and it was SO good. The coffee was delicious and the hash I got was awesome.

    *They also took me to Ella’s Folk Art Cafe (we split some awesome appetizers and all had incredible salads) and The Refinery (had an amazing tomato soup and roasted chicken there)!

    • ooohhh! I have heard about Ella’s and The Refinery. I think I need to expand my list. I just ran my first race today. Clearwater 5 miler. I think I got the running bug, I’m looking for some 5ks.

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