Babysitting and Vacation Ending

I can’t complain about anything in my life really.  I’m surrounded by people and pets I love.  I’m healthy and able to run at least 10 miles (as of Saturday 🙂 )  I can afford healthy food and a warm place to call home.  I have a boyfriend who is I’m sure the best one in the world.  I get to go on vacation a couple of times every year. I know love and strength, and that my future holds wonderful possibilities.  I’m not afraid of hard times or a challenge.  And I know that a positive mindset creates a positive reality.  In other words… I am blessed and I am thankful.

So my new New Years Resolution is to give back what I can, when I can.

I’m not sure I can call helping my sister with my niece and nephew giving back.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure we helped by being her back up crew at their friend’s birthday party yesterday, but it was so fun just being with my loves, it felt like she was the one doing me the favor by asking me to go.  I can’t get enough of these cutie pies:

They loooove Uncle Matt:

After running 10 miles yesterday morning (first double digit run, whoop! whoop! ouchy! ouchy!), and then running after two 2 year olds for 2 hours, I was pooped.  Chinese food delivery to the rescue:

Today I slept in laaate!  When I finally did get up, I made some coffee, cleaned and prepped some healthy eats for the upcoming week.  (Didn’t get to taking down the Christmas tree yet, yipes!)  I promise I’ll do it on my day off this week.  But I did get to go to Keel and Curley Winery for their wine tasting ($6.00 for 11- 1 ounce tastings)  🙂

We had a great time.  A wonderful end to our winter vacation.  Now it’s back to work tomorrow.  I have 2 weddings coming up next weekend so I better get my mind out of vaca mode and back into work mode.  A good night’s sleep should do it.  Good night all!

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