Last Wedding of 2011

I’m getting ready to go full force into vacation mode. Heading to Miami tomorrow! But before I do, here are pictures of the last wedding of 2011 from last Friday:

So pretty!

Then there was the last run of 2011: 8 miles! Whoop! Whoop!

And the last meal of 2011:

A variety of pizzas and stuffed mushrooms from Pizza Fusion. The plan was to go out to a nice dinner and get some lobster that I’ve been craving. But unfortunately, I had a migraine and wasn’t feeling up to fighting the crowds. But that was okay, I got to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend 30 stories high with the best view of every fireworks show in Tampa. It was absolutely incredible!

My camera didn’t capture it. But at the 12:00 hour, we could literally hear Tampa count down and all the cheers and thousands and thousands of fireworks!

I was in bed by 12:15.

The first day of the year was spent snuggled up on the couch, smelling sauerkraut and pork in the crock pot. An Ohio New Year’s tradition. I had mine the traditional way over mashed potatoes;

I made turkey reubens for Matt and it was pretty tasty too:

Tomorrow we head to Miami for a little fun and relaxation! Stay tuned to see what we get up to there 🙂

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