Weddings, Birthdays, Bern’s and Half Marathons

I have lots of pictures to share with you after a busy weekend. Saturday, I had 2 weddings to set up. One at the B&B, one at the Stable, both red, white, and black, both beautiful.

B&B Wedding:

Stable Wedding:

After the weddings, I rested up a bit to refresh for celebrating my sweetie’s birthday. His dad and step mom came in town and treated us to the famous Bern’s! It was awesome! What a treat. There is no place else that I know of that you can get a bottle of wine from your birth year for under $25. Amazing!

Before the wine, they bring out crackers with cheese melted on top to cleanse the palette:

Shortly after ordering, we were presented with the soup course. French onion comes with the meal:

With the soup, they served 2 types of toasts, I believe one was a garlic spelt toast, and one had molasses in it:

The salads arrived in perfect timing:

I tried the vanilla bean vinaigrette and maple dijon on the side. I preferred the dijon.

Then, for the main event! I got the 8 oz filet, medium. It is perfection!

Perfectly cooked and served with onion rings, veggies, carrots, and a baked potato:

I polished off that steak. Soooo good! Thank you David and Hilda!

We also enjoyed a bottle of wine from 1993 (the year they were married). Then we toured the kitchen and the wine cellar;

Hey, is that the same dress I wore last time I was there?
I would like to get my lips on this sherry from 1820:

Then to the dessert room to enjoy amazing coffee and tiramisu:

The Bern’s experience takes about 4 hours. It goes so fast, and you never want it to end. Perfect!

I can’t believe I was actually hungry the next morning, but I was. We meet the parents for a late breakfast at The Brunchery. I got the pancakes, eggs, sausage and toast and enjoyed every bite:

Sunday flew by and before I knew it, I was heading to Orlando to see the Transiberian Orchestra. Really weird and really good show:

I was ti-red come Monday morning, but now it’s Tuesday night and I’m finally rested up and ready to tackle my next challenge. I signed up for my first half marathon, yikes!!!! The farthest distance I have ever run is 5 miles, a half marathon is 13.1 miles.

I officially started my training plan on Monday with 3 miles. Tomorrow’s plan is 4 miles. I have also been researching what to eat while training and it looks like I will need to up my carb intake. I’m thinking of getting back to food journaling on the blog to help see what works while training. Wish me luck 🙂

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