Friday’s Rosemary Wedding

Some days the pictures just don’t do it justice! This wedding was so pretty. Ivory linens and napkins with a pop of fall colors and a special touch of rosemary made this wedding truly special. But my darn camera didn’t pick up the best parts, and the battery went kaput. Maybe the photographer will share some with me 🙂

It was beautiful! The bride grows her own rosemary, so we added a sprig to the napkins, and she gave little jars of dried rosemary as her favors. Love it! And what a cute couple!! Super sweet too.

Another sweet couple was Sweet Man’s brother and sister and law that I met Friday. We hung out at a wine bar then went to dinner at Seasons 52 in Tampa. They claim everything on the menu is under 450 calories, but I’m not sure I believe them. I got the blackened mahi mahi and it was buttery and delicious (although they claim they don’t use any butter or even have it in the restaurant):

For dessert I ordered the chocolate peanut butter mousse shot and the pumpkin pie shot, both were amazing and I tasted some of everyone else’s too. A fun night hanging with the Stein family: