Guest Post From A Beautiful Bride

Hello world! I’m Nichole and I blog over at Life as a Newlywed aka Newlywed Nichole. My husband and I were married this past April at where else, but the beautiful and breathtaking Cross Creek Ranch! It was such an amazing day. Emilee and the whole CCR team played such a huge part in making our day as wonderful as it was and even though it has been seven months since we were hitched, I (still) am not over our wedding day and so yes, I *may* stalk Emilee’s blog to get my wedding photo fix from time to time. But really, can you blame me?! I loved our day so much that I submitted our wedding photos to Style Me Pretty (Florida) and our day was featured on their site!

Over on my blog, I talk about my new husband and our journey through marriage land. Some days, it’s a utopia of domestic bliss and some days….we are ready to kill one another. We just recently got our first “baby”, Gigi, a Chihuahua/Min Pin mix and she definitely brings us a lot of joy (I mean seriously, how can you be in a bad mood when she tilts her head and wags her tail like “What? I’m just cute…and I know it.”)

Yes. We did dress her up for Halloween (she loves her “mummy”).

Now that I am a married lady and the holidays are around the corner, I feel like it’s time to step up my holiday game. I’ve never been a huge decorator (really, I have all these grand ideas, but they don’t usually happen) during this time of year but feel like I should change that and start some new family traditions. Thanks to pinterest, I am ob-sessed with making my visions come true…Since Thanksgiving is almost here and I haven’t done a darn thing (see what I mean), I’ll share with ya’ll what I’d like to do for Christmas at our place:

Source: bhg via SarahD on Pinterest

This looks simple enough. I also like clean looks (I hate clutter), so this seems up my alley.

Source: via Nichole on Pinterest

This looks so easy! Epson salt + mason jars + candles = DONE!

Source: via LorenF on Pinterest

Hmmm, wonder if I can get the hubs to do this for a holiday card? May need to work on this.

What holiday traditions/decorations do you have?

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