As I sit here 2 days after a wonderful whirlwind Thanksgiving, I can’t help feeling thankful. After emerging from an unhappy period in my life, I find myself surrounded by amazing family and friends, truly loved, completely happy where I am in life and love, and looking forward to a future of dreams come true.

My first Thanksgiving meal was at my sister’s house with the traditional spread. Her and my mom did all the cooking this year, which was alright with me. They did a wonderful job:

And I got to spend some time with these cute faces:

After our early dinner, we hopped in the car and zipped down to Naples for Thanksgiving with the Stein family. I had a nice turkey nap on the way there, and was happy to find a non traditional Thanksgiving meal.
A spread of nibbles:

Tortilla soup:

Crab stuffed fish, with roasted tomatoes, mashed potatoes, popovers, olives, and unphotographed spinach:

My favorite was the fish with hollandaise sauce, yummy! It was nice not to have to eat turkey twice 🙂

We stayed the night in Naples and I woke up early the next day. I always do that on holidays and vacations. I think I just don’t want to miss anything. We went to breakfast at LuLu B’s and I got the Spanish omelet:

I also tried some of sweet man’s bagel and lox platter:

Then we did some outlet mall shopping, and ended up on the beach for sunset:

Then we had dinner at fantastic seafood restaurant that I didn’t catch the name of. (Bad blogger!) We got the all you can eat fish fry. It was sooo good:

I was a stuffed turkey at this point. But a really happy one 🙂