Sunday’s Pretty Country Wedding

It’s amazing how beautiful a barn wedding can be in a simple neutral color palette:

Somehow I found the energy to workout and run 4 miles after setting up 3 weddings in a row. Then I had our traditional Sunday post workout meal at Fresh in downtown Tampa:

French onion soup and jalepeno corn muffin.

Cajun chicken salad, and bbq chicken panini

Nonfat cheesecake frozen yogurt with Oreo and Butterfinger crumbles. Yummy weekend!

Pink and Blue Bird Wedding

Another beautiful day for another beautiful wedding. It was soft blues and pinks:

There was a distinct bird theme going on here:

This hawk even showed up:

By Saturday night I was ready to snuggle up on the couch with sweet man and Chinese delivery:

Guess I should have never started giving him people food, he demands it now:

Silly Petrie.