Sunday’s Pretty Country Wedding

It’s amazing how beautiful a barn wedding can be in a simple neutral color palette:

Somehow I found the energy to workout and run 4 miles after setting up 3 weddings in a row. Then I had our traditional Sunday post workout meal at Fresh in downtown Tampa:

French onion soup and jalepeno corn muffin.

Cajun chicken salad, and bbq chicken panini

Nonfat cheesecake frozen yogurt with Oreo and Butterfinger crumbles. Yummy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Pretty Country Wedding

  1. Oh Emilee, this is seriously one of my fave posts. I swear I love CCR and I love the country feel of this wedding. I am also slightly jealous of the wreath on the oak tree; since that was something I wanted but ran out of time, money and creativity, lol. So ah-mazing

  2. Emilee,
    I am so inspired by your work. You make absolutely gorgeous weddings! I was simply googling Tampa weddings and I come across your work. This is exactly what I would dream of for my wedding day. I have to come meet you, after looking at all of your amazing designs, I think you and CCR may make my dream wedding come true!

  3. I would absolutely love to! I’m off for the summer, and my schedule is wide open. From what I’ve gathered from your posts, you are too (from setting up gorgeous weddings, that is). Let me know when you’re available and I’d love to meet up with you.

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