Perfect Fall Wedding

Today was the most beautiful Florida fall day for a fall colored wedding:

Dinner tonight was a unique experience. My first Ethiopian food at Queen of Sheba in Tampa. For an appetizer, we got the vegetarian sampler:

Ethiopian food comes with a thin spongy bread that use use to scoop up the gloop. The appetizer had a hummus type gloop, a lentil gloop, salad, a somaosa (my favorite) and a spicy spongy bread.

Then we had the Queen’s Eight platter, which was the chef’s selection of 8 plops of gloop on a giant spongy pancake.

It had 2 types of chicken, lamb, 2 types of lentils, carrots with potatoes, carrots with cabbage, and mushrooms. You could order it mild, medium, or spicy. We chose medium and it was really,really spicy!!! Wowsa!

I also tried the Honey Wine, a sweet wine made from 1000 year old honey.

A perfect cool day and a perfect spicy evening 🙂

2 thoughts on “Perfect Fall Wedding

  1. Love this fall wedding. How gorgeous!! And this weekend was the perfect weather for it. Hmmm, Ethopian food? I have never had and I have to ask is “gloop” the real word for it? Either way, I may need to steal that term 🙂

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