First Fall Wedding

I hereby proclaim, fall is officially here! This weekend was our first fall themed wedding. It was so pretty and really got me in the mood for my favorite time of year. I’ll be enjoying the smell of my pumpkin candles while you enjoy these pictures:

The set up went really, really well!!! I heart my job.

After work, I rested up, then prettied up for dinner with my beau. My first time at Pei Wei. I really enjoyed it. The lettuce wraps were my favorite:

I got the sesame chicken:

It had a bit too much orange flavor for my taste buds, but my sweet guy traded me for his Thai dynamite. He’s so thoughtful and sweet <3.

Today we went to Fresh for a Thanksgiving feast. (I'm really feeling this fall season). We got the Mayflower panini, which is turkey with cranberry, stuffing, and gravy:

And the “Everyday’s Thanksgiving soup”, with shredded turkey and veggies:

It smelled so good, I couldn’t wait to take a big bite and I burnt my tongue, ouchy! Thank goodness for frozen yogurt:

I mix of banana pudding yogurt and cheesecake yogurt with crumbled peanut butter cups on top. Heaven!

A wonderful weekend to kick off the fall season!

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