The Famous Bern’s Steakhouse

My birthday was celebrated at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa. It was nothing short of incredible! It was a 4 hour experience that I didn’t want to end. It started off with our fabulous waiter offering us nice sized samples of any wine by the glass we wanted to try. Ultimately, we ended up ordering a fantastic French red from the year of my birth:

Our waiter brought out some crackers covered in 4 melted cheeses to compliment the wine:

We ordered the Caesar salad, and watched the waiter prepare the dressing table side:

Next came our appetizer, a variety of smoked fish with 3 sauces:

My strategy was to taste each fish with each sauce. They were all delicious. I felt like I was a judge on Iron Chef.

Next came the toasts, a garlic toast and a molasses.

The timing was perfect on every course. Shortly after the toasts came the French onion soup:

Awful picture, mouth wateringly delicious!

That waiter was right there to clear the bowls, but not in a hurried way at all. The pace of the meal was perfect.

Next he came back to finish preparing the salads:

While the Caesar salad was delicious, if I ever get the opportunity to come back, I would skip this. It was really rich, (and cost an extra $11.00 per person!), when a Bern’s salad is included with the entrée, and they had some pretty yummy sounding dressings!

And then for the star… The entrée! I got a trio of small steaks:

3 ounces each of filet, Delmonico, and Wagyu strip, a perfect medium. All amazing!!!! The filet was my favorite. I barely touched the crispy onions, baked potato,and farm fresh vegetables on the side. I was really full at this point, but thankful to take leftovers home.

My amazing, sweet, handsome, perfect date had the fresh catch in papillote, with crab, shrimp, scallop, and lobster:

I tasted, and was delish, but I was completely enthralled by my steaks.

Thank goodness for the kitchen and wine cellar tour to work up my appetite for dessert.

Sprouts grown in house.

Lobster tanks in the kitchen.

And the wine cellar, oohh the wine cellar. The largest wine cellar in the world.

Stepping inside, I instantly found myself in one of my favorite places on Earth. I wanted to move in:

I even loved the cool, damp, musky smell. I didn’t want to leave, but wasn’t mad that I got whisked up to the dessert room, where I had the best coffee drink of my life:

(The cappuccino Bern’s Steak House) in an intimate wine cask:

We shared the macadamia nut sundae:

I get a little silly after a bottle of wine and the best meal of my life:

Notice the gorgeous necklace that wonderful man got me. He did good 🙂 !!!!!!!!

A perfect birthday meal! I am a lucky (35 year old) girl 🙂

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