Pretty in Pink

I have to admit, I love it when my bride’s cry when they see their wedding set up. It was tear worthy if I don’t say so myself. Totally pink, feminine and beautiful.

These are martini glasses for a mashed potato bar.

See that pretty little bow there. I tied 160 of these babies. That 3.5 hours of squats. That’s a great workout. I am sooo sore today. And possibly a little crazy, as I thought it would be a good idea to run 3 miles today, then take my twin niece and nephew to the bounce house. I hurt bad now (and kinda like it).

My yummy eats for the weekend included Saturday night Mexican at Urban Cantina in downtown Tampa.

I got the steak crispy taco with 2 chicken enchiladas. (for only $8.50, great deal!)

My amazing date got the fish tacos. We always share everything, so I got to try some too:) Both meals were delicious and fresh tasting. Surprisingly light for Mexican food, not smothered in cheese and sour cream. 2 thumbs up Urban Cantina!

Sunday (today) was another perfect day. Slept in! Had coffee and an apple. Relaxed for a while before working out. Then to Fresh, for a late lunch:

The salmon salad with capers, onions, beets. Yum!

Turkey reuben.

And no trip to Fresh would be complete without frozen yogurt. This was the Tahitian vanilla and tart blueberry swirl with Butterfingers and peanut butter cups. Yumm!!!!!

There is no better way to wind down the weekend than this sunset view:

Beautiful downtown Tampa! I’m so lucky and blessed!

Oats and Rice Casserole and Crockpot Ratatouille

I have never had ratatouille, but I loved the movie! So this dish I cannot claim to be traditional, or even actual ratatouille for that matter, but I can claim that it’s delicious!

As I was rummaging through my fridge, trying to come up with a healthy easy dinner, I pulled out all my veggies and took stock.

I had 1 red pepper, one green pepper, 2 small yellow squash, 1 medium-sized zucchini, and 1 onion. Suddenly, a little mouse under my hat whispered “that looks like the makings of ratatouille” So I chopped everything up and put in a crockpot.

I added a bay leaf, approx. 1 T oregano, approx. 1 T basil, 1 can of diced tomatoes, 2 cloves of minced garlic, and 1 T of organic chicken base. I cooked it on low for six hours.

When I came home from work, I found a tasty concoction with a flavorful, but runny liquid. About 2 T of cornstarch thickened it up nicely. I served my tasty touille with some fresh grouper and an accidental brown rice and Scottish oats casserole.

I planned to make a pot of brown rice, in which I added a little of that organic chicken base. It turned out to be a little too much. My palate has become very sensitive to salt after cutting way back on processed/salty foods.

To remedy, the situation, I added in a bunch of Scottish oats and water and cooked it while stirring for about 7 minutes, risotto style. I then spread the cooked rice/oats mixture into a baking dish, and topped it with a tiny bit of sharp cheddar and parmesan cheese, and baked at 350 until heated through and cheese melted.
Last but not least my grouper ($7.00 per pound at Publix :)). All I did was season with a little salt and pepper and grill on the George Foreman.

Awesome, healthy meal!!! I'll need the good wholesome energy for a wedding set up tomorrow. It's going to be a pretty one! Stay tuned!