Moving On Up

This past weekend I moved from the 3 bedroom house that I have lived in for the past 8 years to a 2 bedroom apartment. There were ups and downs, mixed emotions, but now that I’m settled in and unpacked (I move fast, I like everything to be in its place and don’t do so well with chaotic surroundings), I’m really liking my new place. I’m actually looking forward to apartment life for the next year. No yard work, pool, gym…this will work. Even the kitties seem to like it. The move and the first 24 hours were pretty traumatic though. If you ever need to move cats, I have some great tips.

Friday, I started the move by taking a car load over. For breakfast I had a peanut butter and jelly roll up on a whole wheat tortilla:

After 6 trips from the car to the 3rd floor,I was hungry. Luckily, I unearthed a can of ravioli and a meat loaf pan:

Friday night was the dreaded task of moving cats. I prepared the apartment with food, water, litter boxes and a blanket fort using storage bins and a large quilt. I knew they would be scared and want to hide under something. I moved quickly, stuffing the cats into the cat carriers one at a time. (I got the coolest inexpensive cat carriers at the flea market of all places. They are soft and start out completely flat, then zip together. Even my fat Boo fit comfortably in it. The best part is, they unfold and store flat, awesome!). I swiftly got them into the car and the howling began. I cried, they cried, my boyfriend was awesome, sensitive and comforting. He drove fast (and backwards when we missed our turn). One kitty had an accident and had to sit in poo for the ride. Cat urine soaked through the carrier, onto me and the car (next time remember to put plastic under the carriers). When we got to the apartment, I sprinted up 2 flights of stairs with 2 cat carriers and back down to get the other 2. Then they were in, one covered in stinkiness, all of them terrified and I had a breakdown. I cried for them, I cried for me, I got it all out and washed it away. My caring boyfriend cleaned out the car, and made a food run, filled my belly and my heart.

The move happened Saturday. I met the movers at the house in the morning. (Hire movers if you can, worth every penny of the $800. Third floor, 100 degrees out. I could not have done it!) Before meeting them, my sis and I fueled up with a hot fresh Krispy Creme donut:

Sooo dang good!

Then I celebrated the move with a bottle of champagne and Chinese food:

Between Saturday night and Sunday I managed to unpack and organize everything. Pictures to come as soon as I get the art work hung.
I was too focused on unpacking Sunday and I skipped breakfast 😦 But lunch was awesom at Sweet Tomatoes:



Frozen yogurt. This may become a new regular spot.

Sunday night I finished unpacking and settling in, made a big pot of vegan chili (recipe to come tomorrow) and lighting all my pumpkin candles really helped make me feel at home. The biggest lesson I learned this weekend was for me to STOP buying STUFF! Travel lightly through life and only hoard clothes and shoes! (They’re easy to move 😦 )

Mama Pea’s Vegan Tater Tot Casserole

Thank you Mama Pea. This casserole was delicious. Almost good enough to convince me to go vegan. Well, maybe not, but I will surely add some vegan meals to my repertoire.

The meal was easy enough to make (except I packed up most of my cooking supplies, silly me.) So with my tiny pan and no measuring supplies, I created this masterpiece:

Mama Pea’s Vegan Tater Tot Casserole

I prepped it all and carried it over to my special someone’s place, where I topped it with the Alexia sweet potato puffs (yummi licious!)and put it in the oven. After our yummy dinner, we walked to the Tampa Theater to see Sarah’s Keys. I started reading the book a while ago, but have had trouble getting through it because it’s so sad to read. The movie also shed a few tears. The Tampa Theater is beautiful:

It’s supposedly haunted, what do you think? Can you spot the orbs in the pictures?:

Spooky! Overall a very memorable day. The last meal I cooked in the house I’ve lived the past 8 years was Mama Peas Vegan Tater Tot Casserole. Tomorrow is moving day. Wish me luck.