Vacation Day 4

I could get used to this! Before heading to the beach today, I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal by the pool:

Then we went to the beautiful Siesta Key beach:

I was looking for shark teeth, but I didn’t find any.

We chilled at the beach for a little while. It was overcast, and cool. Perfect weather! I din’t even break a sweat in Florida at the end of July…Amazing!

We had lunch at the beach snack bar. I got the fish and chips…Bad idea 😦

It sounded good, and looked good, but was sooooo greasy. I tried to blot some with napkins, uggg, so disappointing. The fries were great though.

The skies darkened and we headed out:

Somehow,I managed to get burned, even though it was overcast. I never believed that, but I guess it’s true.
Dinner was not disappointing one bit:

Chicken, steak and veggie kabobs on the grill. Yum!

Eaten by the pool. All 3 of my meals were eaten by the water today. That’s how I like it!

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