Vacation Day 3

Happy Anniversary to my Dad and Vickie. Love shines through the challenges of life.

My life has certainly been challenging lately. But I know, that love shines through. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade my blessed life for anything. I’m just looking forward to being in a settled space. So many changes!!! This morning started off with another hot run. Another jump in the pool, fully clothed in my running gear. Oatmeal for breakfast:

With peanut butter,bananas, and blueberries.
More playing and chasing after these monkeys:

They really like Micah.

Then I snacked on a small piece of pizza:

And a salad for lunch:

With some turkey sliced up on top.

Dinner was a fun hibachi experience/experiment at Kumo Japanese Steakhouse.

First time for the babies. They had fun at the beginning:

I certainly had fun. Hot sake to start:

And a bite of the babies’ egg rolls:

Well they weren’t going to eat them.
Of course there is the yummy soup and salad:

Hibachi is an awesome experience;

I got the filet and sea bass and loved every single bite.

Just so you know… Love turns into comfort. And count yourself blessed if you can end your 8 year anniversary in a comfortable food coma, secure in love like this:

(I might get in trouble for this one, but it’s way too cute not to share). Happy anniversary!!!!!!

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