Lettuce Wraps and Generation Green

I love this lettuce wrap recipe. I got it from the Rachel Ray Magazine, and have made it over and over again. I use chicken stock, not apple juice, and low sodium soy sauce instead of tamari. It’s a hit.

I paired it with Generation Green Chardonnay.

For $3.99 a bottle this wine is a steal. I didn’t read the back of the bottle before tasting, to see if I could taste the notes. The only thing I could pick up was a strong pear flavor. Alas the descrition: “Fresh citrus, creamy vanilla, ripened pear and hints of oak”. I’m just happy I got one 🙂 Generation Green Wines also cares about the environment, using Eco-Glass, a light weight glass to reduce the carbon footprint. Cheers to a budget friendly, earth friendly, tasty wine!

Back to those yummy lettuce wraps. They are also delicious wrapped up in a whole grain tortilla:

With a side of steamed broccoli, drizzled in yogurt ranch and hot sauce. Yum!

Make these lettuce wraps, you will not be disappointed.

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