Weekend Recap

This weekend I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. I was back and forth from Tampa to S. Pete to Orlando and back. Whew!! And the next couple of weeks look just as busy.

So Friday (if I can remember), I worked in the morning, and ate lunch at my desk:

Salad of romaine,tomatoes, hard-boiled egg,carrots,cucumber,red kidney beans,and jalapeno hummus.
Then went to Tampa to help my mom babysit these cutie pies:

Dinner was leftover chicken and noodles that my sister made:

After the babies went to bed, I went home and tried to get a good night’s sleep, which didn’t really happen. Went to bed around 2:00 and had to be up at 6:00 to get to the Central Florida Blogger Conference in Orlando. This was my first blogger event and I had a great time. I whipped up a green smoothie for the ride. Lunch was served from a local food truck, Big Wheel Provisions:

I got 3 items to split:

Chicken, cheesy grit cakes, and a turkey sandwich. The sandwich was my favorite, and I wish I would have gotten the fries 😦 The conference left me inspired with a few great ideas to continue to grow my blog. I’m looking forward to future blogger events. Would love to have a Tampa Blogger Conference!
After the conference, I headed back to Tampa to my sister’s to babysit. I picked up some Chinese on the way for din din:

Hunan chicken and garlic broccoli. I spent the evening playing with babies and hanging out with my mom.

Sunday morning breakfast escaped the camera. (How do people with babies manage to blog, or do anything for that matter?) It was 2 whole grain waffles and a turkey sausage link. I love anything with syrup in it. I could barely keep my eyes open, I was beat! Lunch was leftover chinese food (see above pic ;)). The day was spent chasing after two 19 month olds. How does my sister do it? I did manage to help make dinner:

Meat loaf,tater tots and corn. Other eats of the day included but not limited too: little bites of everything the babies ate, yogurt,goldfish,pretzels,cheese…etc…

By Sunday evening, I was totally exhausted a ready for a chilled glass of wine.

Flip Flop Pinot Grigio
It is supposed to taste “light-bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish”. I really need to work on distinguishing those flavors. Anyone know of a good wine tasting class in Tampa? I thought it was an easy drinking, refreshing wine. I love that for every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need. I will definitely being buying more. I got this bottle at Walgreens buy one get one free for $9.99. Win,win!

I was happily in bed by 10:00 Sunday night and woke up completely refreshed this morning. So far, I’ve gotten a ton done. Laundry, cleaning, gym, grocery store. Breakfast was a pb and j:

Lunch was a green smoothie. Now it’s shower time and I’ll be cooking one of my favorite dinners.

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