Ahhh Babies.

Today was a very special day. I got to spend it with my high school friends/college room mates.

Carrie just had a beautiful baby boy, Chase:

I’m in love with this picture!!!!

And Sara has sweet Lauren and another girl on the way (I vote for the name Allison ;).

It was awesome just being able to spend the day together and catch up. I miss them and I’m a bad friend who doesn’t stay in touch or see them nearly enough. Both their babies made me want one.

I have to admit, when my sister first had the twins, it was sooo hard, and I was only there about one night a week or so.

Even though I loved them beyond measure, for the first few months, they scared me away from the thought of ever having kids. I’m still not sure how she managed so gracefully. This woman was born to be a mom. Now that they are 19 months old, they are fun and make me want to have babies:

They’re multiplying, yikes! Now I really enjoy being around them. And I loved playing with Lauren today and holding the precious Chase.

Carrie has a 5.5 week old and still managed to make a fabulous lunch:

Yummy chicken salad in a pita, pita chips, and hummus, cheese and crackers, and yogurt and berries. really , really good. Thanks super mom!
And key lime pie for dessert:

I didn’t want to leave, but I managed my way home and made a chicken taco salad for dinner:

Now here I sit in my quiet house, no babies crying, no toddlers laughing. Peaceful? Yes. But lonely. I’ll babysit for anyone 🙂

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