Something Old, Something New.

I’ve always enjoyed trying new things. My saying is “I will try everything once”. More times than not, I enjoy the new things I try and must try them again and again. On the other hand,there are the things from childhood that I grew up with that stick with me for the rest of my life. One of those things is stuffed peppers;

My mom used to make these all the time growing up. Why did hers taste so much better? Maybe because I used ground turkey instead of beef? Maybe because I cooked them in the crock pot for too long, instead of the oven? Or maybe because everything mom makes is just always better no matter what.

The original recipe is very simple:

-1 pound of ground beef
-4 green peppers
-about 1 cup of instant white rice (I used instant brown, maybe I went wrong here?)
-about 1/4 cup diced onion
-tomato juice (I used tomato sauce?)

Cut tops off of peppers and scoop out seeds(dice pepper flesh from top to add to meat/rice mixture). Put beef in a bowl with rice, diced onions, diced pepper, and a splash of tomato juice.Mix and divide into fourths. Stuff each of the 4 peppers. Put in deep baking dish and cook at 350 for 2 to 3 hours or until pepper is tender. Traditional recipe calls to serve it with mashed potatoes (again, I didn’t oblige).

They weren’t horrible, but mama knows best!

That was Friday night dinner.

Saturday slipped away with only a green smoothie for late breakfast, then to Miguel’s in Tampa for an early dinner/late lunch:

Their chips and salsa are seriously good! I got the carne asada:

I ate most of this meal! Then I slipped into a wonderful food coma.

I swore I would never eat again. (Pretty sure mom taught me not to swear 😉 But Sunday morning came with a craving that had no option than to be satisfied. And that craving was for a new favorite:

Bagels and lox, with cream cheese, capers, and tomatoes. All from Einstein Bagels. Washed down with a Bloody Mary. Good, but definitely not as good as Hilda’s
My Sunday activities included a trip to Kohl’s to return a dress I did not wear to my sister’s wedding, since I got to be a bridesmaid :). I also started shopping for a car since mine is falling apart. And I had a great workout! And I called the cable company and got them to take $35 a month off my bill (I eliminated my phone service, and asked what their best pricing options were). That sounds that a pretty productive day to me!
Check out these pretty Tampa buildings:

When I got home, I made a tasty snack/appetizer:

Carrots, celery, green peppers, and pretzel thins with spicy hummus. Yum!
For dinner I whipped up a salad:

Atop a bed of romaine, a beautifully ripe tomato, and a couple of chopped bread and butter piles, sits a cheesy pile of chicken and carmelized onions:

Make sure to top it with Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Ranch Dressing. Some may even proclaim this the best salad ever!

Wedding Reflections:

This post was inspired by the idea of being able to enjoy and treasure family recipes from long ago, while embracing and loving new recipes. I think that’s why I love the “Something Old, Something New” concept so much. A marriage is an opportunity to combine old traditions with new ones to create something completely unique and different. We are not defined by our past, but rather are blessed with the ability to choose the best of our past to bring to our present and future. We can create beautiful marriages, no matter what our circumstance.

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