My Baby Sister Ties The Knot

I remember the day my baby sister was born. I was so excited to have a real life baby doll to play with. She was a sweet baby, adorable little girl (who used to eat lightning bugs), she has grown into a beautiful woman, mother, and wife.

The Fourth of July ceremony was beautiful:

And the reception was a blast:

There was lots of dancing:

Usually for me, it’s all about the food. But today was all about my baby doll getting married to a wonderful man. There was food though:

I didn’t get a picture of my slice of cake, as I scarfed it down in between dances. But it was really good!

Great job Nathalie and Edgar on an amazing wedding!!!! And congratulations!

Let’s go backwards in time.

Lunch was the first Ohio sweet corn of the season. My sister and I lucked out on our run/bike ride and found someone with a little produce stand set up on the side of the road. She looked pretty funny carrying back 7 ears of corn and a big bag of tomatoes on that bike. Wish I had a picture of that.

Breakfast was from Steineck’s Bakery:

OMG! Best donuts ever!

Sunday night was a huge neighborhood Fourth of July party with an amazing fireworks show! Fireworks are really hard to get a good picture of:

Sunday was the wedding rehearsal and dinner at El San Jose. The food was amazing:
One taco,a burrito and rice and beans. That place is doing something right!!! And all the groomsmen work there.

Sunday lunch was at the Brewhouse in New Philadelphia. I got a salad and wings:

Saturday night, we got in late, I had a great dinner before we left at Kona Grill in Tampa:

Turkey burger and fries.

And chicken satay.Twas delicious!

What a wonderful weekend with family celebrating! But I’m ready to get back to healthy eating for sure!!!!

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