An Epic Weekend.

I sit on a plane coming back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio to attend a beautiful wedding. I got the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people and eat some amazing meals. Unfortunately, my first Ohio meal went unpictured. We got in late Thursday night and were greeted by Hilda’s delicious blueberry cake. I was little embarrassed to pull out the camera at first (I shouldn’t have been, everyone is very supportive when I tell them about my blogging. They usually think it’s very interesting). But I wish I would have captured that cake on film. Can you send me the recipe Hilda?

The next morning, I munched on some fresh berries and started to get to know the amazing family that took me in for the weekend.

Then I got to do something I have always wanted to do. Ride a tandem bike!

Who is that cute guy?

And I couldn’t have done it in a prettier neighborhood. Look at these amazing houses.

I didn’t get a picture of the governor’s mansion 😦

For lunch we headed to Scotty’s:

I got the special. Salmon cakes over brown rice topped with a mango chutney (if memory serves me correctly). Made even tastier with a couple of splashes of hot sauce. Everything is better with hot sauce, isn’t it?

Dessert for lunch? Yes please, I’ll take the best carrot cake ever:

After lunch, we headed over to Easton where I got to have another experience I have been wanting to do:

Go to Trader Joe’s!!!!! As a total foodie who as never been there, I was in heaven. Please Tampa, get a Trader Joe’s.

We were in luck. Easton was having an outdoor art fair. We walked around and saw some gorgeous art work. I kick myself again for not getting something.

Friday night, we were treated to an awesome meal at the Hilton. It was a buffet filled with salad, sushi, pasta to order, hot dishes, and desserts galore. I started off with a salad and two of the fish dishes. One was baramundi with chick peas (delicious)

And the other was equally delicious, but my memory doesn’t serve me so well on that one.

I also had a couple bites of the clam chowder, which blew my mind.

I didn’t think I liked clam chowder until I tasted this. YUM!

Then it was on to the sushi:

Various sushi rolls and some raw tuna, salmon, octopus, and herring (that I didn’t like so much). I really wish I could have eaten more, but I was stuffed to the gills (no pun intended). Somehow, I managed to eat 3 desserts:

I didn’t really eat them all, but I had to try them. Tiramisu, chocolate cake (my favorite of the 3), and some fruity, custardy, white cake. Oh and berries and pineapple to make it healthy 😉 This is a health food blog, right?

Well that seems like a whole weekend doesn’t it? No, at this point it was just getting started.

Saturday morning was brunch at Cap City Diner. Amazing food, amazing company, what more could a girl ask for? I got to hang out with Ohio’s best interior designer, owner of Ambiance Interior Design. We had a lot to talk about, and brunch just flew by.

Delicious cinnamon rolls:

And I got the egg hash. Two eggs, served over potatoes, peppers, onions, and cheese. Stuffed again.

Dessert for breakfast, yes please, but just a taste:

Then a quick change and freshening up and we were off to a wedding at the Granville Inn. I loved the bagpipe player at the ceremony:

And the food was amazing!!!! Vegetarian, mostly vegan. Love it! I loaded my plate up with strawberry gazpacho, yummy salad, heirloom tomatoes, beans and greens (my favorite), rice, veggie lasagna, and cheese ravioli:

I could eat like this everyday. Really, so delicious!!!

And for dessert were vegan cupcakes:

I split one of each flavor. Chocolate and vanilla. I can’t decide which one I liked better, they were both so good. Maybe I liked the chocolate cake part best and the icing on the vanilla.

It was a beautiful, sweet wedding an I had a great time.

Sunday started out with breakfast at Grill and Skillet (or was it Grill and Kill It?). I opted for a light breakfast of grapefruit and toast.

Lunch was my favorite meal of the weekend! Check out this spread:

Bagels and lox with cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, onions. My first bagel and lox experience and I am a huge fan! I also loved the white fish spread. I had seconds of both.

I also tasted the pickled herring. It was pretty good. If I can find some good bagels here in Tampa, I will definitely be re-creating this meal many times over.

The afternoon was spent doing some errands, then a fun trip to the army base driving range. I was really nervous at first, but ended up hitting pretty well. I think my dad would have been proud 🙂

After a nap, we finished the weekend with a wonderful meal of steak, a chopped salad with fennel, apples, blue cheese, and walnuts (can I have that recipe too?), grilled corn on the cob and multi grain bread.

And I made my pineapple gazpacho:

I was sad to leave. I felt so welcomed and had such a great time. I hope I’m invited back again 🙂

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