Amish Eats

When it comes to authentic Amish food, all my health guidelines can be tossed out the buggy!

I don’t care how much fat, sodium, or calories I just consumed (I’m sure it was somewhere around 2000, oh well). Now you know the real reason I work out 😉 I can feel good about the fact the chicken are raised naturally organic, and the salad bar is piled high with veggies, and I took a glorious food coma nap afterwards.

Here is how I roll at Dutch Valley Restaurant, no bun (pun) intended :):

Soft fluffy rolls with real butter. I had a half of one, I knew what was coming and tried my best do it in moderation.

My attempt at salad bar moderation:

Yummy, with bites of potato salad, pasta salad, ham salad, and a pickled beet, which I keep trying to see if I will like them, and it wasn’t bad.

This meal was one of the best of… my life I would say.

Chicken, mashed potatoes with 2 kinds of gravy (why decide?), dressing, noodles, roast beef, ham. Then I went back for more noodles and some green beans.

I was over the top full at this point, but couldn’t NOT have dessert:

Apple crisp, fluffy chocolate cake, and bread pudding (which I didn’t care for. It’s 9:30 now and I’m still stuffed. Oh the pain is worth it.

Since we were in Amish country, we stopped by my favorite food stores to sample, wines, cheeses, and jams:

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