Cookie in the Sky

One of my favorite things, combined with one of my least favorite things. I love cookies:

And this cookie is amazing!!!!!!
I hate flying:

But this view is amazing!!!!
The cookie makes it even better though… And the wine.

Back to breakfast. My iced coffee was delicious made from yesterday’s leftover coffee, which I refrigerated. My breakfast itself was a little sub par. Just a measly little granola bar… Not enough fuel.

Lunch was good and filling.

Leftover chili relleno and a simple salad made with a cucumber and zucchini my neighbor generously brought to me. I added a little mango vinaigrette dressing and was good to go.

Before I got on this late flight, I hit up Friday’s for a bite to eat:

Jack Daniels Chicken with fries and broccoli. And a wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese. Now I’m happily munching my pretzels and sipping my wine. Can’t wait to see my girls 🙂

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