Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day Weekend started out Saturday like this:

Yes, lasagna for breakfast.  It was my healthier version, made with ground turkey, whole wheat noodles, and reduced fat cheeses.  And, don’t worry, I had a salad too.  Yes for breakfast.  I was off to a good start.

After this hearty breakfast, I wasn’t too hungry for lunch.  I was out and about, and decided to stop at Tijuana Flats for some fun hot sauce sampling:

They have a great hot sauce bar, so we nibbled on some chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole.  And washed it all down with a shock top.

Shortly after, I enjoyed this iced skinny caramel machiatto from Starbucks.  I rarely get Starbucks, it’s a treat!

The fun didn’t stop there.  Dinner was a great experience at Bollywood Grill.  Bollywood Grill is an Indian restaurant that plays Indian movies outside:

I got the butter chicken with basmati rice:

Also tried some bites of the palak paneer, which is cubes of cheese in a spinach puree.  Just okay, but I loved my butter chicken.

And some somosas.

What a fun Saturday!!!!!!!!

Sunday was just as fun, if not more:

I had my first vegan, raw food restaurant experience at Leafy Greens Cafe in St. Petersburg.  And it was SO GOOD!

We got two soups.  The pineapple-cucumber gazpacho:

Holy yum!

And the Thai coconut curry soup:

Double yum!

For entrees, we ordered the “tacos”:

The “meat” was some sort of ground walnut mixture.  It was good.  But my favorite was the “pasta”:

The “noodles” were sqaush and zucchini, and hiding on the bottom of the giant bowl was a delicious raw tomato sauce.  I could eat this every single day!  I was it all down with a yummy herbal iced tea, served in the coolest pitcher that drains into your cup:

Where can I get one of these?  Although I ate a massive amount of food.  I left feeling full, but not overly stuffed or weighted down.  I’m going to have to make some raw meals.  I loved everything!

Then it was on to check into the Pier Hotel.  Which I swore had to be haunted and turned out it was!  After checking in to this historic hotel, we wandered around St Pete and had a margarita at a random restaurant.  Then back at the hotel, they offered a free happy hour with wine and little nibbles like peanuts, pretzels and popcorn, which went unpictured.

Dinner did not disappoint.  Cafe Alma offers a great Prix fixe menu for $25.  It included this absolutely delicious (favorite food of the weekend) Salmon Bruschetta:

It was a soft fluffy garlic bread with cheese and smoked salmon.  I could have eaten 3 more orders.

Then a Ceasar salad:

And for the main course:

Steak, crab cake, shrimp,scallops, green beans and tomatoes.  Loved the crab cake!  Steak was flavorful, but tough 😦

And dessert was a shot of key lime pie:

Surely this delicious meal would have been enough even split between two people as we did.  But who can resist a couple more appetizers?

Potatoes covered in aoili:

And the duck quesadillas:

When we got back to the hotel, we ran into the Ghost Tour.  I knew it!!!  He invited us to sit in on the hotel’s ghost story, and it turns out the former caretaker died in the room just a few doors down from ours.  And to this day, guests and employees experience his presence.  I did not however, bummer!!!  I took some pictures to try to capture him on film:

The room he died in. Spooky!

The dark, scary dining room.

The second floor.  Wait, are those ghost legs coming down the stairs?

Monday the good eating continued.  How did I end up at Hooters?

Oh yes, the wings.  I can’t resist the wings.  Actually, i guess I can, it was buy 10 get 10 free, and you know I love a good deal, but I had my heart set on a different lunch place, so just split 6 to satisfy my wing craving:

I really wanted to visit Sculley’s at John’s Pass for lunch, because I used to work there, many moons ago.  I enjoyed a pina colada:

A salad:

Opps no picture.

And the blackened grouper sandwich:

I should add a disclaimer that all of these meals were split.  Although it feels like I consumed everything pictured.  I am now bloated and uncomfortable and ready to get back to a healthy normal way of eating.  But I wouldn’t trade my weekend for the world!  I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy such amazing food and good times.

So I started right away by ending my indulgent holiday weekend with a 2 mile run and a healthy dinner:

Boca bruschetta patty with marinara sauce, a little reduced fat cheese, cottage cheese, and greens on a multi grain wrap.  But what I really want is more salmon bruschetta!!!!

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