Healthy Food Prep

I really think I have found the secret to creating fast healthy meals throughout the week. Okay, it’s no secret that prepping ahead is the key. It really works and is a neccesity in today’s busy world. Here’s what I managed to prep in less than an hour this morning:

-Boiled red potatoes
-Giant salad
-opened and rinsed a can of kidney beans
-hard-boiled eggs

This is how I plan to use it:

Hard boiled eggs will make a great protein addition to my morning bowl of oatmeal. The potatoes will make an appearance in tonight’s dinner and used in salads with the kidney beans for protein. I may even attempt a pancake breakfast with homefries this weekend.

While I was prepping, I also made this yummy wrap for lunch:

Leftover chicken, whole grain wrap, cucumber, lettuce and Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch.

Other great prep ahead ideas:

-a big pot of brown rice or other grains
-cooked chicken breast
-chopped veggies: carrots, green, red, orange, and yellow peppers, celery, cauliflower, etc…

Got any other ideas to add to the list?

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