Cajun Tilapia with Homemade Mango Salsa

I used to be intimidated by making fish at home. I would only get it when I went out to eat. I’m not sure when I started to experiment at home. But it’s safe to say that it couldn’t be easier. Especially on the George Foreman Grill. Just don’t overcook it! I know, this part can be tricky. With the George Foreman Grill, it takes less time because it’s getting direct heat from both sides. It only takes about 5 minutes, just test every once in a while to see when it starts flaking with a fork. At soon as it does, take if off right away!

This cajun tilapia with mango salsa couldn’t be any easier:

And for the recipes:

Cajun Tilapia:

Sprinkle tilapia with a cajun spice blend. I used some leftover from that Thanksgiving fried turkey injector marinade kit. It really doesn’t matter what kind. Next, spray your George Foreman Grill with some cooking spray and cook for about five minutes. That’s it!

The icing on the cake, is the homemade mango salsa. My local produce market had some wonderful fresh, local produce! You can experiment here, but this is what I did:

Homemade Mango Salsa

-One mango
-1/2 cucumber
-1 tomato
-1 jalapeno
-1/2 red onion
-1/2 red pepper
-2 T chopped cilantro
-one avocado
-drizzle of olive oil
-salt and pepper.
-juice of one lime

Chop up all fruit and veggies into small pieces, when you get to the avocado, squirt half a lime onto it to keep it from turning brown. Mix everything together, adding the rest of the lime juice, a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Let sit in fridge for at least an hour to combine flavors. Serve over cajun tilapia, or chicken , or pork, or rice, or even on a salad.

And the best part is how healthy this meal is. I hope you try it!!!

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