Protein,carbs,veggies,and healthy fats.

I have found that my body feels best when I feed it the magic combo of protein + grains + veggies + healthy fats at most meals. I try to use this formula and whatever ingredients I have on hand as my guide to preparing meals. It makes for some interesting combinations.

Today’s lunch combination:

Protein: 1 hard boiled egg

Grain: 1/4 cup brown rice

Veggie: 3/4 of a tomato (Ok, I know it’s a fruit. Close enough.)

Healthy fat: 1/2 of an avocado

Dose with hot sauce and salt (if you want) and pepper and enjoy.

My typical breakfast smoothie also follows this combination:

Protein: Greek yogurt

Grain: Oats

Veggie: Spinach. Also frozen fruits: banana,mango, berries.

Healthy fat: flax seed

This seems to be a good guideline for me, and helps me to eat whole foods packed with nutrients. I don’t take vitamin supplements, and feel great for the most part. It is so true that you are what you eat!!!!

One thought on “Protein,carbs,veggies,and healthy fats.

  1. I love the saying “you are what you eat”!!!

    I try to make it a habit to eat lots of protein on days I work out extra hard.

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