A weekend of Tampa Dining

I love hopping in the car with no plans and stopping at a random place for dinner. That’s what I did Saturday night and ended up at ,in downtown Tampa. The food was authentic Mexican, fresh, and not heavy and cheese laden like some Mexican food can be. To start was a sampler of the salsas, ranging from mild to hot.

I like them all. Dinner was the sampler. If a menu has a sampler platter on it, I almost always get it. I want to try everything.

This one had a red enchilada, green enchilada, chicken quesidillas (favorite), and some sort of stuffed bean burrito.
And a side of yummy gaucamole:

All delicious and washed down with a margarita.

I also dined at The Brunchery in South Tampa this weekend. I got the ham,mushroom, and cheddar crepes and a salad:

I also tried a little of the Tex Mex omelet, both delicious.

The Brunchery was voted Tampa’s best brunch by AOL.

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