What a weekend. It started out like most lately. Setting up a beautiful wedding. And ended up doing cartwheels on the beach at sunset last night (More on that in a bit. For the wedding:

Awesome candy bar!!!!

There was also a rehearsal dinner to set up at the same time as Saturday’s wedding set up. Good thing I wore my running shoes!

It was a Mexican Fiesta theme. The wind was crazy and whipped through 15 minutes before it was supposed to start and blew everything! including tablecloths off the tables. Yikes!

Sunday’s weather was absolutely perfect for a wedding. No humidity, or wind, and not a cloud in the sky. And what a fun wedding:

Dinner tonight was a healthy curry shrimp. Much needed after the indulgent weekend. Pictures to follow. But check out my shrimp and veggie curry:

All I did was throw some frozen stir fry veggies in a pan with these ingredients:

Curry spice, coconut milk, and sweet chili sauce. Served over brown rice. Very good.

And for dessert:

Times too. Sweet tooth strikes again!

So, yes, my crazy weekend ended doing cartwheels on Clearwater Beach at sunset. It Was Glorious!

I had some great fun. And great food too:

Raw oysters.


She crab soup.

Fish spread.

Great weekend. Life is good!

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