Chocolate Chicken and Spicy Brownies.

The best things happen by accident. Today, I was marinating my chicken in a blend of spices (Cumin, coriander, red pepper flakes, chili powder, salt and pepper) Yes, it was sitting out on the counter (sorry Doug). As I ripped open a bag of brownie mix (major chocolate craving), some spilled onto my chicken. I’ve heard of using cocoa powder in Mexican style chicken. Then I remembered I had a spicy cocoa powder in my spice cabinet, so I threw in a little of that as well. Then, I got really crazy and threw some in my brownie batter. The results: Two crazy awesome dishes:

I turned the chicken into a chicken taco salad by putting it over a bed of greens with some brown rice,tomatoes, cheese, hot sauce, salsa, and ranch dressing.

I like to dip the bottom of my brownie in sugar and smear peanut butter on top. Ahhh heaven!

Oh and look what I ran into last week in Tampa;

The Weinermobile!!!!

One thought on “Chocolate Chicken and Spicy Brownies.

  1. Hi Emilee,
    That is too funny that you ran into the weinermobile! I had to leave a comment since that is so rare…I hope you are doing well. I am still trying to get all caught up and settled now that I am a married woman.
    Your brownies sound delicious!


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