The Birthday Girls

Last night I got to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: Texas Cattle Company, with these 2 birthday girls:

Erica’s sweet sixteen (on the right) and Renee’s 19th (on the left). Pictured with an amazing chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. We devoured it. I’m kinda mad I didn’t like the plate, and I actually had a dream about it last night. It was that good.

For an appetizer, we split the jalapeno crab drip. Erica’s dad did not tell her what was in it. But she liked it before she knew about the crab. Good thing he didn’t go with the escargot.

Their salad is really good. The salad dressing rocks.

For dinner, I had the filet, mashed potatoes with blue cheese gravy AND Texas fries. When you can decide between two potatoes, you get both of course. Then you use the fries to scoop up the mashed potatoes, then your eyes roll back into your head.

And I tried some of that giant bacon:

I left with a full belly and a sugar buzz. Life is good.

Stayed tuned. Tomorrow starts a 4 wedding weekend!!! Yikes.

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