Friday Wedding

Another beautiful wedding under my belt:

It was simple, and beautiful. I love all the different colors of weddings we do. Breakfast was a quick banana and hard-boiled egg:

Lunch was at work:

Tuna macaroni, deviled eggs, and I had a few bites of the pb &j sandwich I brought. And dinner looked great:

Steak salad. So unfortunate that the steak tasted too cowy! I know that sounds weird, and I’ll be completely gross here, but that steak had a slight taste and smell of manure! So, so disappointing.

Dessert was delicious though:

Chocolate chip cookies, num, num. It’s only 7:00, but I’m seriously considering taking a bath and going to bed. My eyes are burning and watering from allergies, I took a Benadryl and my eyes are shutting. Good night all!

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