Chicken and Rice: 2 Ways

Somehow I managed to use almost the same ingredients and make 2 totally different meals today. This morning I grilled some chicken on the George Foreman, as I was eating breakfast. I also boiled some eggs to have on hand for snacks.

For lunch, I took that chicken, some leftover rice and broccoli, heated it up and topped it with some shredded swiss cheese, diced tomato and hot sauce:

I got home from work at about 9:00. Hate to eat that late, but I was Hung ray. So in less than 5 minutes I created this masterpiece:

Same chicken, rice, and broccoli. I added some stir fry veggies and soy sauce and voila. It’s all about having ingredients prepped on hand ready to combine into a meal. We’ll see what that chicken turns into tomorrow.

And for dessert:

The other half of my yummy giant cupcake. Ummmm!

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