Smell the roses.

It was a successful 4 wedding weekend! I really have no idea how I did it. I also have 15 new brides to contact and start the design process with, and 2 weddings to prepare for this week. Its awesome. I do thrive on being busy. But sometimes, I just need to slow down a little and smell the roses. Will someone bring me roses? Please?

Here are pictures from yesterday’s wedding:

Breakfast: take a guess.
Lunch: Mom made a tasty alfredo chicken. Thanks mom!

Dinner was grilled chicken and burgers at the neighbors cookout. I haven’t been eating the healthiest lately, but not terrible either. Tonight’s dinner will make up for it:

Grilled tilapia salad with brown rice, cucumber,tomato and cheese.

3 out of 4.

How do you pull off 2 weddings in one day? You walk, a lot, sometimes run. We have 2 wedding venues at Cross Creek Ranch. The Carriage House Stable, which is just that, a stable that fits up to 175 people. And the French Country Bed and Breakfast for more intimate weddings of up to 50 people. Both are beautiful. Here’s pictures from the stable:

And the B&B:

Being in charge of setting up both of the venues, that are about 1/4 to 1/2 mile apart requires LOTS of walking. I’d say I walked at least 6 miles today, and ran some of it. That certainly counts as a good workout! One more wedding tomorrow, then I can breath for a couple days. Whew!

Good thing I love green smoothies. That for breakfast really gives me the energy to go, go, go. I also added some coconut water for extra hydration. Love that stuff. It works like gatorade but is natural and better for you. After work, I mixed up a mocktail of coconut water and pomegranate juice to re hydrate. I feel great. Tired but great.

Lunch was leftover chicken teriyaki. And dinner might just be the same. I don’t know, I may have a dinner prospect on the horizon, I’ll fill you in later.