New Outlook

Nothing like an emotionally tumultuous week to help with my life outlook. Life is too short to worry about the little things. It’s too short to not live in the moment and cherish every single day. I know I have these beliefs, but sometimes they get put on the back burner and the daily stresses of life sneak in and try to snatch away my good attitude. No more, I say!

Today is the day before Valentine’s Day. I promise to bring my good attitude into my marriage tomorrow and celebrate the day with extra love and kindness. I have a great meal planned to celebrate. Stay tuned for that.

Today’s eats included a measly little banana for breakfast. I have been house sitting for my mom and I was down to my last naner. Lunch made up for my skimpy breakfast:

A salad with Arigatos salad dressing. I’m so happy they decided to bottle this stuff. Chicken salad on multi grain brain and some grapes. I got the chicken salad at Land and Sea Market. It is slightly sweet with cinnamon in it. For dessert, half a unpictured chocolate cupcake from Alessi’s Bakery. Yum! Life is definitely too short to skip dessert!

Dinner was a quick throw together meal of what I could scrounge up in my fridge. I had some leftover brown rice, chick peas, and some frozen veggies. All mixed up and drizzled with Arigatos goody goody sauce. Thank you for bottling this too. I love it!

Here’s a couple more reminders how great life is:

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