Eat the rainbow

I’ve read you should eat foods of every color of the rainbow. Sometimes this can be a challenge. Tonight, it was a lucky accident.

Rainbow Taco Salad:

Red: tomatoes, roasted red peppers, hot sauce
Orange: Carrots
Yellow: Roasted yellow peppers
Green: romaine lettuce, avocado
Blue: Uh…. black olives?
Indigo: Glass of cab.
Violet: Okay, maybe I should have thrown some blackberries in there. Does my second glass of wine count?

It was colorful and tasty. It also had ground turkey, cheddar cheese,brown rice, a couple crushed tortilla chips, and a light drizzle of Bolthouse Farms Ranch.

Thanks to hubby. Late appointment with a bride for me, but I left instructions and he did a great job. I had a couple of squares of dark chocolate for dessert and am currently sipping on that second helping of cab. Tomorrow’s my day off. I’m going to start looking through my cookbooks for inspiration for a gourmet meal. See ya later.

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