Late night dinner

Is January gone already? One more month, and wedding season will be in full swing again. Today started off like most days recently, with Magical Breakfast Cream
Then, I did my typical routine of making the bed, scooping the litter, and doing the dishes left from the night before. Followed by a trip to the gym, and a not so typical manicure and pedicure:

I got home and fed my growling belly:

Ham and swiss wrap grilled on the George Foreman,with a side of coleslaw and green peppers.

Then I showered, got perty, and went to work. I had a late meeting with a bride and she picked some beautiful, unique things, I can’t wait to see it all put together on her wedding day!

On my way home, I called home to have a Kashi pizza put in the oven. I think he added more cheese and some ham, it was good:

With a salad on the side.

And for dessert was some triple chocolate cookies from Immaculate Baking Company. Click on picture for their website:

They are so stinkin good! I’m still wound up, but I need to get to bed soon, for a not so typical early start tomorrow.

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